How To Fall in Love with Exercise


Try early morning workouts This is coming from someone who is NOT a morning person. I despise getting up early, but I love having my workout done with in the AM and I love the energy and endorphins I get from an early morning exercise … [Read more]

The 15 Minute Office Workout


Don't have time to get your workout in? Here is a quick 15 minute office workout you can do while you are at your desk. Do some kickbacks while you are talking on the phone, or add some chair squats into your day while you are waiting for an email … [Read more]

Is Kiwi Skin Edible?

can i eat kiwi skin

Quick answer: Yes, kiwi skin is edible! How many hours have you spent peeling, scooping and cutting out the fruit of the kiwi, avoiding the skin at all costs? At first the kiwi skin might have a weird texture, it might feel rough or hairy to you, … [Read more]

Rock the Cradle Event in Indianapolis

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 10.31.41 AM

Are you pregnant and counting down until your little one arrives? Or are you a new parent who wants to connect with other new moms? Join me Thursday April 10 for the FREE Rock the Cradle Event in Carmel catering to You!   The info sessions are … [Read more]

10 Reasons Why I Run

sneakers (1)

I've never been a runner who wants to beat my personal best time. I don't want to win races, or truly care how fast I am compared to the next runner. I run for me. I run because it makes me feel alive and strong. 10 Reasons Why I Run: 1. … [Read more]

What to Eat After a Workout

what to eat after a workout, oatmeal

One of the main questions I get from clients is "What should I eat after my workout?" While some are starving after a hard workout, others can't imagine putting any type of food in their system post exercise. Even if you don't feel hungry, you … [Read more]